Impact report 2023

Effects of joint initiatives by AI Sweden and our partners

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Opening remarks

Five years into AI Sweden’s existence we can proudly say that it has been a tremendous journey together with our partners.

Along with the significant breakthroughs in generative AI and the skyrocketing interest, it has become clear to business, organisations and countries that focus has to be on applying AI here and now.

AI Sweden’s mission to accelerate the use of AI for the benefit of our society, our competitiveness, and for everyone living in Sweden, has never been more relevant and we look forward to seeing AI Sweden partners and others taking big leaps toward becoming AI-driven and moving from pilots to operations.

The power of AI Sweden’s partner network is visible in everything from the open release of the first large Nordic language model, GPT-SW3, to innovative projects in healthcare, energy, and public sector implementation. As a result of these shared investments, crucial national resources are developed and - importantly - used in real-life situations across the country.

Together, we are building a robust and highly attractive Swedish AI ecosystem propelling organizations to use AI for solving key societal and business challenges. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have ideas for how AI Sweden and partners should continue to engage in critical initiatives and collaborations!

Martin Svensson

Managing Director

AI Sweden

Peder Blomgren

Chairman of the board and Vice President and Head of Data Office, R&D


“AI Sweden is a good example of an actor that, to a very large extent, mobilizes, initiates, and brings together collaborations that break new ground.”

Darja Isaksson

Director general of Vinnova

“We are very happy with the work that you do every day and the good cooperation that we have. I look forward to continuing this fruitful collaboration.”

Erik Slottner

Minister of Public Administration

A few of last year's initiatives

Open release of the first large Nordic language model GPT-SW3

AI Sweden released the first large Nordic language model, GPT-SW3, in November 2023. It is available as an open model for businesses and organizations to use in their products and services. The model provides Sweden with a crucial resource that strengthens our ability to use AI for increased competitiveness and a stronger welfare system. Developed by AI Sweden in collaboration with WASP and RISE, GPT-SW3 is specifically developed for Swedish and Nordic languages.

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Energy map prototype release

Interactive visualization enables new insights into the Swedish energy system. By experimenting with variables such as electrification of different sectors and energy consumption the user can explore different scenarios. Project partners include Volvo Group, LKAB, SSAB, Hitachi Energy, Göteborg Energi, Energiföretagen Sverige, LTU Business along with contributions from Boliden, Vattenfall, Lidköping Environment & Technology, Power Circle, SKGS, Energiforsk, and Chalmers providing data/knowledge support. The project is financed by Vinnova and Västra Götalandsregionen.

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Digital assistant for the public sector

AI Sweden is collaborating with partners to create a shared digital assistant for the public sector. This assistant will be developed by fine-tuning a large language model, like GPT-SW3, with data generated by employees in public organizations. Participants include Kungsbacka Municipality, Tjörn Municipality, Gothenburg City, Region Skåne, Region Halland, and Västra Götaland Region. Intel is partnering as the hardware provider.

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Swedish-Canadian collaboration for AI in healthcare

The AI Sweden and Unity Health Toronto collaboration will accelerate AI adoption in healthcare in both countries as well as serve as a global role model on international collaboration and the positive impact of AI in healthcare. Unity Health AI Living Lab is the leading hospital-based data analytics environment in Canada with more than 50 data analytics and AI solutions deployed into clinical practice.

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193 talents ranging from high school graduates to Ph.D.:s have now participated in the AI Sweden Talent programs. They are now being change agents, creating impactful AI solutions in the industry and the public sector, studying at top universities, founding AI startups, and contributing to the Swedish AI talent pool.

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Last year in numbers




MSEK investments 2023


Participants spent 14 000+ hours in 88 events, seminars and workshops


Of our partners report an increase in AI readiness


An overview of AI Sweden partners showing logotypes

Sector initiatives


2023 marked an increased focus on public-private collaboration highlighting for example the supplier focus and internationalisation in the healthcare sector initiatives.

Broad knowledge sharing during a 100-person conference that served as a neutral platform for industry and public stakeholders to collaborate. This was also the starting point for a new network for data scientists in healthcare.

AI Sweden × Unity Health Toronto

A letter of intent was signed with Unity Health Toronto – a leading healthcare organisation with over 50 data analytics and AI solutions already deployed.
The collaboration between Unity Health Toronto and AI Sweden promises to bring these significant Canadian insights to the Swedish healthcare system.

“Unity Health Toronto and AI Sweden share the common goal of accelerating the adoption of AI to benefit society. We are excited to collaborate with AI Sweden and exchange knowledge that will further our shared goal to develop successful AI solutions and scale their adoption in the health sector.”
Muhammad Mamdani,
Vice President of Data Science and Advanced Analytics at Unity Health Toronto

Information-driven healthcare

Region Halland, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Karolinska University Hospital, Region Örebro Län, Region Västerbotten, Örebro University, and Halmstad University are working together to accelerate the implementation of information-driven healthcare and AI, funded by Vinnova and participating regions. 4 years into this collaboration, the initiative serves as a unified voice as well as a platform for new collaborations and knowledge sharing.

“As a project partner, in addition to a valuable network, we have also gained greater legitimacy in the work with information-driven healthcare.”

Lina Lorenzon

Region Västmanland

"The network has given us the opportunity to meet others who are either facing similar challenges or who make us raise our sights and realize that we need to focus on new issues." Petra Svedberg, Halmstad University"

Petra Svedberg

Halmstad University

"AI Sweden helps the innovation environment to raise its sights and has a longer time perspective in its planning."

Anders Norén


"The AI Sweden collaboration has shown that together we can be a unified voice and a greater force in the work towards more information-driven healthcare."

Sebastian Backman

Region Västerbotten

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Municipalities and civil society

A four-year joint effort with Vinnova to tailor support and resources for Sweden's 290 municipalities and numerous non-profit organisations to use AI.


Projects in municipalities and civil society has received funding from Vinnova


Municipalities represented in a national AI council for municipalities


Organizations participating in Kraftsamlingen’s events


Organizations signed up for the course Start your AI journey

“We haven’t fully transformed or found lots of new things. But it is a learning experience, we have dared to try anyway. And we should be a little proud of that. We have started a process and if we were to take on the next project in Vetlanda, we would have a much shorter lead time. Above all, in terms of management, I think we will find it easier to get things through.”
Henrik Ahlgren,
Head of development, Vetlanda Kommun

Atea, Microsoft, and AI Sweden invited Swedish municipalities to a hackathon. 30 municipalities attended and together developed close to 600 ideas on how they could use AI. Several are now in active development, such as a support solution for personnel in elderly care services

Other examples of concrete use cases for municipalities within more efficient administration and community planning.

The AI council for municipalities is led by AI Sweden and SKR with representatives from 12 municipalities who met seven times over the year and discussed high-level strategic recommendations on how to accelerate the use of AI in Swedish municipalities.

“The AI Council is an important initiative for Sweden's municipalities. We hope that we can set a common direction for the strategic work with AI in municipal Sweden and create opportunities for all municipalities, large and small, to fully utilize the possibilities of artificial intelligence.”

Katarina Lagerqvist

Chief Digital Officer, Kristinehamns kommun

“We are now seriously beginning to see the potential of AI to contribute to the development of welfare services, while there is a need to identify the conditions that need to be in place and the risks that need to be managed to increase Sweden's capacity for a sustainable transition. The way forward is together in broad collaboration between the public sector, business, and academia. With the AI Council, an important piece of the puzzle is in place.”

Ola Odebäck

Head of Finance and Control, SKR

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A changing energy and electricity landscape in Sweden calls for new ways of forecasting our future energy needs and a better understanding of consumption.

AI Sweden has together with partners created Behovskartan, which is an interactive tool where users can tweak settings related to electricity needs, technological advances, climate changes, and other factors. The aim is to foster an understanding of electricity production and consumption from local to national levels.

“Today's debate is dominated by isolated figures and comparisons that are difficult to contextualize. By creating a shared, fact-based view of both production and consumption, we have a better foundation for discussion.”
Niklas Wahlberg,
VP System Solutions and Partnerships at Volvo Group

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AI Adoption

Systematically increasing AI maturity

During 2023, AI Sweden supported partners by conducting AI maturity assessments. With the support of one of the talent program participants, the Swedish Police Authority performed a successful assessment across their entire National Forensics Centre.

“It was very well received and formed a vital step in our AI journey”, said Anders Åström, Business developer and AI coordinator. 

After conducting a maturity assessment, several partners set objectives and systematically worked on adopting AI across their organizations. Region Västra Götaland credits this process with taking real steps in maturity, recruiting specific AI expertise, formulating an AI strategy to launch in 2024, and working hands-on with valuable use cases.

“The survey provides a concrete and clear checklist of what we need to do. Conducting regular assessments of maturity will make it easier for us to prioritize the right actions with the greatest impact.“

Johan Åhlén

Region Skåne

“Without our collaboration with AI Sweden, it would have taken us longer to get to the point where we are today.”

Maria Vikingsson

Region Västra Götaland

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Educating the top leadership

AI for Executives’ is a six-day program for leaders developed by the executive education units at Gothenburg University, Stockholm University, and Uppsala University in collaboration with AI Sweden.

"With a lack of technology literacy at senior level, in all sectors, it's imperative that leaders recognize the implications of strategic non-engagement - for both their organizations and Swedish national competitiveness. With the advice and ongoing support of AI Sweden the executive education businesses of Sweden's three largest universities have been able to deliver a program of the highest quality, with an impressive array of AI thought-leaders as speakers, to organizations that are desperate to keep to move along the AI adoption curve."

Dr. Ian Richardson, Director of Executive Education, SBS, Stockholm University

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Scaling our talent program


Talents 2023


Partners engaged in talent programs

For example in Örebro, four talents explored federated and fleet learning on a large open dataset from Zenseact and were then offered part-time contracts. Several of the participants in talent programs were offered positions with partners such as the Swedish Police Authority and HPE.

Meet some more of the participants in the Young Talent program!

During the summer of 2023, and as a direct response to the increased demand to better understand of generative AI, eight students joined partners Zenseact, Chalmers, and Region Västra Götaland to accelerate their implementation of the technology, using compute sponsored by Microsoft. This generated substantial value for the participating partners.

“Participating in the GPT internship program has definitely helped us with our evaluation of where and how we can implement large-scale language models within healthcare. This provides us with a good foundation for our continued work.”

Isak Barbopoulos, Machine Learning Specialist at Region Västra Götaland

Voices from other talent programs

“Eye for AI was a catalyst that immersed me in real-world AI applications in different domains and enriched my journey with invaluable experience and exposure. The various projects at different organizations not only paved the way to my current position at AstraZeneca but also expanded my network, helping me discover the facets of AI that truly ignite my passion and charting a clear course for my professional journey.“

Sandra Carrasco

Participant Eye for AI

“Artificial intelligence provides great potential, but there is a shortage of skilled people. The NLU program constitutes an important initiative for Vinnova as it provides access to AI talent while at the same time making Sweden more attractive and growing the talent pool.”

Daniel Rencrantz

Director, Head of division at Vinnova

"Thanks to our AI talents, we have gained a greater understanding of language models in our organization and the ability to more quickly get started with a larger project"

Rosita Ahlstedt

Head of Decision support and AI, Region Halland

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Enabling study circles across Sweden

Organizations across Sweden led study circles based on the Start Your AI Journey educational material developed by AI Sweden. This enabled partners such as the Swedish Police Authority and the City of Gothenburg and many more to develop valuable use cases.

“The city of Gothenburg faces a big AI competence challenge. The study circle using “Start your AI journey” has played a significant role in addressing this, partly through guidance and materials, and we have developed an education plan.”

Maria Eriksson Söderström, Communication and digital competence development manager, Gothenburg city.

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Supporting small and medium-sized organizations

AI Sweden and collaborating organizations HighFive Innovationsarena, IUC Sjuhärad, Skövde Science Park, and Innovatum have concluded a pilot project aiming to help small and medium-sized businesses in western Sweden.


Individuals reached


Companies educated


Companies coached

AI Labs

AI Sweden and its partners push the boundaries in the field of applied artificial intelligence and build a strong applied research environment in Sweden.

Natural Language Understanding

The first large Nordic language model, GPT-SW3, was released as open source in November 2023 contributing to the growing flora of open-source models in Europe. The large models are downloaded 2000-3000 times on average per month and the smaller model around 33 000. The GPT-SW3 models are available at Hugging Face.

“GPT-SW3 opens up new opportunities, and there is great value in having full control over the model itself. It is evident that language models can significantly support the healthcare sector. We now look forward to validating critical applications in clinical settings.”
Markus Lingman,
Senior physician, professor, and chief strategy officer at Halland Hospital Group

An interdisciplinary expert pool of social science researchers has worked hands-on with stress-prompting GPT-SW3 to evaluate behavior in terms of swearing, hate speech, and misogyny. As a result, the researchers have also gained knowledge about LLMs and prompting specifically for the Swedish language.

Together with Intel, AI Sweden is working on an inference infrastructure to enable deployment of GPT-SW3 making it easier for organizations to host the model on their infrastructure, thus locally.

The Data Readiness Lab provides a collaborative environment and contributes skills, tools, frameworks, and resources to increase data readiness and data maturity among actors in both the public and private sectors. This has resulted in concrete checklists and guides for increasing the organisations' AI readiness used by for example municipalities.

During the year, four researchers have worked as an extended part of the AI Sweden talent program team together with Region Halland and Vinnova. Both participating organizations report an accelerated adoption of language models.

“It has been very valuable to work with solutions that can contribute to efficiency in healthcare. It has been especially enjoyable to have so much contact with practicing doctors, which has been very valuable in our work. In addition, we have developed a great interest in NLP and NLU for clinical text.”
Niclas Hertzberg & Anna Lokrantz, NLU Talent program

Sweden is taking a leading role in the development of open-source large-scale AI models in Europe with two new EU-projects. Moreover, the focus going forward is on developing the first major multimodal language model in and for Sweden. Like GPT-SW3, this new model will serve as a new national resource for Sweden.

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Privacy-preserving techniques

AI Sweden and partners work with a wide range of privacy-preserving techniques. A unique component in this is the Edge Learning Lab that provided cutting-edge solutions for partners in the health, automotive, finance, and space industry (so far).

The European Space Agency (ESA) and AI Sweden have developed a Python module (PASEOS) to simulate the environment to operate multiple spacecraft. 

In collaboration with Unibap, AI Sweden is exploring the capability of AI on board of satellites.  and requirements for hardware, data storage and deployment, training, and inference of AI models in orbit. As a next step, a library of applications will be tested first in the Edge Learning Lab and then on board. 

Together with Volvo Cars and Zenseact, AI Sweden is using federated learning techniques to leverage an entire car fleet to develop better models faster without data transfer. This is currently being deployed in real-life cars.

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AI Security

Building secure AI models that are robust towards malicious attacks is an important technical and legal challenge for many organizations and the focus of the AI Security Lab at AI Sweden.

LeakPro, a new project with RISE, AstraZeneca, Sahlgrenska, Region Halland, Scaleout, and Syndata, was launched in 2023 aiming to foster a grounded discussion on information leakage, bridge legal and technical risks and give deep insights around weaknesses in trained models and their data.

Madison Cyber Labs at Dakota State University (DSU) and AI Sweden host an annual
student exchange program, in 2023 the program was doubled compared to last year to 12 students in total

‍For the first time, Swedish banks are collaborating on a project around anti-money laundering in a project led by AI Sweden. The project resulted in a motor for generating and validating synthetic transaction data, as today there are no open data sets for anti-money laundering. The results are directly useful since they take into account aspects such as noisy data, transactions with cash money, and imbalance in the training data.

Do you want to engage?

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Data Factory

The Data Factory infrastructure and knowledge environment allow partners from all sectors to use state-of-the-art infrastructure and benefit from collaboration and interaction with AI Sweden’s technical, strategic, and legal experts. This has resulted in several valuable projects and collaborations.

Partners ATEA, the Swedish Tax Agency, and Red Hat have evaluated Red Hat Open Shift Data Science which has increased the knowledge of how the tax agency should build their environments. Collaborating openly through AI Sweden was key for this to happen.

During the year, several initiatives towards open-source solutions have been spearheaded by cross-sector collaboration in the data factory. NetAPP and HPE have both taken steps to use open-source virtualization environments in their applications. Organizations such as Region Västra Götaland and the City of Helsingborg have decided to share results as open source.

“When it comes to AI projects, you want to make sure that they scale. You want to test close by where you are, where you have people and equipment. Then you want to distribute that maybe globally to all the other environments that you have. That is one of the biggest winning themes of being here at the Edge Learning Lab.”

Marie Eriksson Johansson

Solution Architect, Dell Technologies

“As a startup, developing tools for ‘edge learning’, specifically federated learning, having an infrastructure like the Edge Lab is invaluable. It is somewhere we can test our software in real production-like environments and collaborate with some of the best enterprises in Sweden on this.”

Andreas Hellander

CEO and co-founder, Scaleout Systems AB

Scientific publications

Distributional semantics
Superlim: A Swedish Language Understanding Evaluation Benchmark
nerblackbox: A High-level Library for Named Entity Recognition in Python
PAseos Simulates the Environment for Operating multiple Spacecraft
Adaptive Expert Models for Federated Learning
Creating and Leveraging a Synthetic Dataset of Cloud Optical Thickness Measures for Cloud Detection in MSI
Can the use of privacy enhancing technologies enable federated learning for health data applications in a Swedish regulatory context?
Decentralized Online Bandit Optimization on Directed Graphs with Regret Bounds
Decentralised semi-supervised onboard learning for scene classification in low-earth orbit
FedGT: Identification of Malicious Clients in Federated Learning with Secure Aggregation
Efficient Node Selection in Private Personalized Decentralized Learning
FedVal: Different good or different bad in federated learning

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AI Sweden together with its partners works towards a robust and highly attractive Swedish AI ecosystem on all levels where AI is used for solving key societal and business challenges. 


Participants spent 5000+ hours in educational activities

14 000+

Hours listening to the podcast AI Sweden Podcast


Participants spent 14 000+ hours in 88 events, seminars and workshops

AI and policy

2023 was marked by increased interest from public policymakers, which resulted in high-level and high-frequency contact with the government, sharing knowledge, proposals, and ecosystem guidance. This includes a visit to Canada to learn from their strategic work and investments in AI.  

Moreover, the Swedish government formed an AI commission and appointed AI Sweden’s Managing Director Martin Svensson as one of its members.

Listen to AI Sweden's Martin Svensson, Managing Director, and Mikael Ljungblom, Director of Public Policy and International Relations, as they speak during the Transportation Committee's open hearing on AI. The clip is in Swedish.

Skip to 00:18:10 for Martin and to 01:32:30 for Mikael.

Watch the clip on SVT

Intensified international collaboration

Notably, and in addition to collaborations with many international stakeholders, AI Sweden has had an increased presence in the Canadian AI ecosystem during 2023. This resulted in strong collaboration with CIFAR, visits and exchanges from Swedish researchers and industry to Mila, participation in a delegation with top-level government leadership, and concrete healthcare collaboration with Unity Health Toronto.

On a European level, the close collaboration with European peers has allowed us to gather and disseminate knowledge about generative AI in the European AI startup ecosystem. Culminating in a report being presented in Davos. Swedish startups contributed with 33% of the answers.

Executive networking

Leaders at all levels are engaged through AI Sweden’s networks, site visits, and knowledge exchange opportunities.

25 executives were participating in the Executive AI Accelerator to identify and discuss joint challenges. The meetings in 2023 were hosted by CEVT, NetApp, Intel, and AstraZeneca and covered topics such as AI trends, foundation models, security, and scaling AI successes in Sweden.

Mapping AI Startups in Europe

With the objective to foster and accelerate AI in Europe, the appliedAI Institute for Europe, Hub France IA, Ignite Sweden, AI Sweden, RISE, and the Netherlands AI Coalition came together in early 2020 to start the initial steps in mapping the AI startup ecosystem in Europe. In 2023, 198 Swedish startups were part of the map.

AI Sweden and Ignite Sweden also arranged the European AI Startup Matchday which gathered 21 corporates and 85 startups from four different countries in Stockholm to meet international peers and participate in matchmaking with corporates.









Co-developing My AI

My AI is the first personalized platform designed specifically for the AI community and industry. A 'Linkedin for AI', if you will. A place to get inspired, share know-how, network, and showcase your organization's work and what you're up to next.

2023 was a year of scaling for AI Sweden’s interactive platform My AI. The number of registered users has increased by 375% and the use case library is one of the most valued features.

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Use cases


Learning opportunities

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